Mission & Vision

Our Mission:                                                                                  

Davenport-Perth Neighbourhood and Community Health Centre supports people in its neighbourhood, especially those who face economic and/or social barriers, to enrich their lives and the life of our community. We do this by working in partnership with local residents and organizations to deliver a range of community, health, and social support services that are responsive to local needs and opportunities.


Our Vision:

We envision healthy neighbourhoods where people work together to foster respect and mutual support, celebrate diversity and work collaboratively to ensure a safe, caring, just society for all.


Our Values:

  • Well-being. We believe that all people have the right to the fundamental conditions that enable good health, and the ability to contribute to their full potential. These conditions include: living free from violence, safe affordable housing, liveable incomes, nutritious food, a vibrant eco-system, and access to responsive institutions and high-quality community resources.
  • Empowerment. We believe people have the power to improve their own lives and to act collectively to improve the conditions in their neighbourhoods.
  • Equity. We recognize that individuals and their communities experience systemic inequalities in Canadian society. We are committed to challenging those inequalities through our work.
  • Diversity. We support and celebrate diversity as an integral part of helping us to reach our mission. We promote equal opportunity in the delivery and administration of our services.
  • Accessibility. We strive to create a welcoming, inclusive, safe, supportive, and accessible place for all.
  • Integrity. We are committed to practices that are honest, ethical and accountable.