Family Law Services

We offer eligible clients a range of legal resources and support for family matters, including:

  • child custody
  • access
  • separation
  • child protection
  • support payments
  • consultations and referrals

Domestic violence

Victims of domestic violence seeking assistance or counselling can contact the Assaulted Women’s Helpline at 1-866-863-0511 or http://www.awhl.org.

Emergency two-hour consultation with a lawyer

If you are experiencing domestic violence, and are in need of immediate help, you can get a two hour consultation with a staff lawyer at the centre or with a private lawyer through the Family Violence Authorization Program.

Telephone interpretation services are available.


Mediation is a process where separating couples can work out solutions that meet everyone’s needs. A mediator can help to find workable solutions for:

  • custody
  • access
  • parenting arrangements
  • vacation plans
  • parenting communication
  • child support

Legal Aid Ontario’s mediation services are available to financially eligible people. Only one person must meet this criterion.

There are no mediation fees for eligible clients.