Loblaws Gift Cards – Please help our Community Dining program


You may have heard that, Loblaw is offering people $25 dollar gift cards as a result of their involvement in bread price fixing. In order to participate you must sign up for a gift card but you are not required to prove that you purchased bread from Loblaw during the price fixing period.

There has been a lot of discussion on social media about donating cards to food banks or other non-profits. This provides an excellent opportunity for DPNCHC which has been struggling to fully fund its community dining program since losing funding from the City of Toronto.  To support this, members of DPNCHC’s Board of Directors will be registering and donating their cards to the Community Dining program, and the Senior Management Team will be doing this as well.

Please consider registering and donating your gift card to our Community Dining program. Based on research that we conducted last fall in the dining program, we found that 55% of our dining clients would go hungry on the day that the dining program was offered if they had not been able to access our program.

By registering and donating your gift card you can help to support this essential program.


Wendy Lancashire

Director, Community Support Services