Children and Youth

Teenagers sit in our back garden

DPNCHC’s Children and Youth Services

Where children 6 – 12, youth 13 – 17, and young adults 18 – 24  can get involved in projects that allow them to build skills, develop new friendships and connections, and contribute back to their community.

Here at DPNCHC children and youth can take free workshops, get involved in arts, cultural, and recreational activities, explore the city, and even benefit from job training. Projects like Youth Action Squad and Sassy are a great way to develop communication, leadership,  conflict resolution, and other skills, while Girls’ Night Out and Just Us Guys provide safe spaces to explore life issues through discussions, workshops, and creative arts. You can even access individual support through the Centre.

School year projects run from October to June and you need to apply in late September. Summer projects run in July and August and you need to apply in June. Apply by calling 416-656-8025.

March Break Camp

Summer Camp