Staff IT Updates


UPDATE July 20th 2020 9:30am: Remote desktop connection experiencing delays

UPDATE June 26th 2020 9:35am: All email services restored 

UPDATE June 25th 2020 10:30am: Noticeable delay on outgoing emails-suggest using other communications for outgoing contact for the time being.  Incoming emails coming in fine.  

UPDATE June 25th 2020 9:30am: Emails are up and running, but very slow, especially when starting up.

UPDATE June 24th 2020 1:30pm: Email server was briefly up and has gone back down.

UPDATE June 24th 2020 12:45pm: Voicemail server was temporarily down. It has been restored.

UPDATE June 24th 2020 12:20pm: Remote desktop connection and file servers have been reconnected. NOD should be accessible through RDC. Email is still down. 

UPDATE June 24th 2020 10:15am: Email and remote desktop servers are down. File drives are being suspended as a precaution while the problem is investigated.

SYSTEM STATUS as of August 6th 2020 1:30pm:

NOD EMR: Running

Remote Desktop Connection: Running

Outlook Web App (aka email access through browser): Running

Outlook on Desktop: Running

File Drives (Common X Drive, Personal Z Drives): Running

Voicemail Server: Running

Are you experiencing an issue not addressed in the update list?

Please send an IT ticket to it@dpnchc.ca

You can send IT tickets from ANY email address, including your personal email. We will not share your personal email or initiate contact you via your personal email – we will only respond to emails you send us.


If you are having a problem accessing your emails through your office desktop, on the Remote Desktop Connection, or on your phone email inbox, PLEASE try using the Outlook Web App before sending an IT ticket.


Click here for step by step instructions on how to log in to the Outlook Web Access portal