DPNCHC Receives the Davenport Good Neighbours Community Award

Good Neighbours Award 2

On November 9, 2020, Marit Stiles, MPP for Davenport, presented DPNCHC with a Davenport Good Neighbours` award. The Centre was nominated by community member Mia McDonald. In her nomination, Mia McDonald had the following to say about DPNCHC:

`We have seen the workers and volunteers at the DPNCHC give generously to the community time and time again, but especially during COVID. While other organizations get a lot of attention, `this little engine that could`, could really use an extra spotlight and some extra donations for the good work they do“.


Good Neighbours Award

The Good Neighbours Award was also given to 4 volunteers: Carlos for his work on getting Second Harvest food for people at Pelham Park Apartments and to Marcia, Arminda, and Soledad, who together made 2,500 cloth masks for staff and community members. Finally, the award was given to our staff Mariela Soto for her ongoing advocacy and work with Davenport seniors.