Community Health

The DPNCHC offers health promotion and disease prevention workshops throughout the year to support individuals to help take care of their health.

Are You Experiencing Chronic Pain?

DPNCHC will be offering a Chronic Pain Self-Management program in April 2020

Informed from the Wasser Pain Clinic/Bridgepoint model, a team including a physiotherapist, dietitian, counsellor-therapists and health promoter, will be offering a 8 week program offering new tools and approaches to help individuals better manage chronic pain.

The program provides:

  • Opportunities to develop, practice and strengthen “thinking strategies”, and mindfulness practices (based on cognitive behavioural and dialectical behavioural approaches) to help cope more effectively
  • Opportunities to practice physical exercises and activities to manage pain (includes a pre-assessment with Physiotherapist)
  • A better understanding of how nutrition can affect pain, and practical supports to help with healthy eating
  • Opportunities to share experiences with others experiencing chronic pain
  • A take-home manual with the program information and tips to support you after the program


  • Program runs twice a week for 8 weeks
  • Monday April 20 (to Mon June 15) 2:30-4:30pm– Fridays Apr 24 (to June 12) 10am to noon


To register:

18+ years old

Living with chronic pain for more than 3 months

Must complete Intake process with a team member to ensure the program is a good fit

Commit to attending all 16 sessions (one absence ok)

Open to trying and practicing the new skills taught

Must be able to speak and read in English


Please contact Gabrielle Langlois at glanglois@dpnchc.ca or at 416-656-8025 x 204 to find out more.


Surfing Tsunamis

Surfing Tsunamis is a 20 week DBT skills group.  This group is for people who have BPD, BPD traits or challenges with extreme emotion dysregulation and impulsive behaviours.  People will need to have their own individual therapist at the time of the group.  This group runs in partnership with Davenport-Perth Neighbourhood & Community Health Centre, The Four Villages Community Health Centre, Flemingdon Health Centre and Scarborough Academic Family Health Team.  Please be aware that you may encounter a waitlist and that to get on the waitlist, there will be a phone screening.  For more information, please contact Debbie at (416) 656-8025 ext. 239 or Eugenia at ext 231.


Tolerating Temptation – Tolerating Triggers

Tolerating Triggers is an 8 week mindfulness-based relapse prevention program for addictive behaviours.


Some of what to expect:

  • Better understanding of how our thoughts affect our feelings and actions
  • Develop greater awareness of triggers, habits and automatic reactions
  • Learns ways to respond rather than react
  • Introduction to mindfulness meditation

This group is usually offered once a year in the spring.  Contact Debbie at (416) 656-8025 ext 239 for more information or to register