Community Engagement

Three volunteers in front of DPNCHC

Community Development and Health Promotion

Community Development and Health Promotion activities at DPNCHC use advocacy, health education, and personals skill development to increase the ability of vulnerable populations to positively affect their own health outcomes.

By engaging and organizing community members, we work to address barriers to health and well-being.

To get involved, contact Gabrielle Langlois, Community Development and Health Promoter at glanglois@dpnchc.ca or 416-656-8025 ext. 204

To volunteer, contact Sanchia Frank, Volunteer Coordinator at sfrank@dpnchc.ca or 416-656-8025 ext. 377


Davenport Community Ramp Project

Volunteers posing with ramps

A small gap can be a major barrier.

The short step in front of many buildings can prevent residents with mobility issues from fully accessing their own neighbourhood. Determined to build a more inclusive Davenport, our Community Advisory Group launched the Davenport Community Ramp Project in late 2015.

Dozens of volunteers canvassed the area, drawing attention to physical barriers and offering free removable ramps to local shops and nonprofits. In partnership with StopGap foundation these ramps were custom-built by volunteers, and brightly painted to spread feelings of positivity and raise awareness about the importance of accessibility.

By the end of the project, our 40 volunteers partnered with local shops and services agencies to install 18 new ramps, creating 18 more spaces where all members of our community can feel welcomed and supported.

People painting and installing ramps

“I want to thank you for letting me be part of this project that I believe has made a huge difference in people’s lives…This is the first time that I’ve volunteered. It’s a very rewarding experience with new awareness that I have never experienced before. Meeting new people with the same goal in mind without any compensation and expectations, just being yourself and contributing the best way you can” – Anton, Painting and Delivery Volunteer


Latin Men United – Kick the Ball, Kick the Habit!

Latin Men United is a health promotion program that uses soccer to develop community leadership and reduce alcohol use among vulnerable men in Central West Toronto. Using a harm reduction approach, LMU provides recreational and social opportunities for Latin American men facing social and economic challenges, which help strengthen participants’ physical fitness and mental health, minimize social isolation, and reduces substance use. Soccer builds camaraderie, and strengthens participant’s desire to lead a healthier lifestyle.

The adult soccer practices are held twice a week on Tuesdays and Thursday evenings. We always welcome new participants and volunteers!

Currently, LMU is accepting in-kind donations for new soccer shoes (sizes 8 and 9) as well as financial donations for uniforms, shoes, equipment, refreshments and program outings.

In 2014 the LMU team participated in the Street Soccer Toronto League. LMU played in weekly games against other community-based organizations in the city, and got the opportunity to play on Toronto’s BMO field.


Please call Gabrielle at 416-656-8025 ext. 204 for more information


Davenport West Bike Project

In 2011, the Davenport West Bike Project initiative was created as a Community Development and Health Promotion initiative. DPNCHC partnered with several community agencies, including Bike Pirates, The Stop and CultureLink to address the rate of occurrence of chronic health issues in our community by encouraging safe physical activity among children and adults.

To learn more about the Bike Project, watch the video below!


What’s so great about cycling?

Cycling is a great way to get physically active and keep your body healthy, thereby reducing the risk of serious health conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, stress, depression and obesity. Bikes are a quick, affordable and pollution-free way to get around Toronto. Cycling is a fun and easy way to get active outdoors with family and friends. They say you never forget how to ride a bike!