The Early ON Child and Family Centre

A supportive place for parents/caregivers and young children

The Davenport Early ON Child and Family Centre is a welcoming and inclusive place where parents and caregivers can bring their young children to play, meet other caregivers, get answers on child development and find information on programs and services. Children can participate in preschool activities that support their growth and development. We offer a variety programs in different locations across the Davenport community.


Le Centre francophone de Toronto offre des programmes diversifies pour vos enfants en francais. 416-922-2672 www.centrefranco.org

Services include:

  • Early learning drop-in programs for any parents/caregivers and children
  • Parent education workshops and groups
  • Information about pregnancy and parenting
  • Visit with a dietitian or public health nurses
  • A pregnancy / pre-natal nutrition program
  • Preschool programs that help children get ready for kindergarten
  • Information and links to other services in the community
  • Training programs and volunteer opportunities!
  • Or book and appointment for Information and Referral on community resources for children and families.

See our Program Calendar here. The calendar includes description of the programs and their locations. You can also call us directly at 416-588-3755 and speak with any of our staff at anytime!