Ready For School Connects

A model for school readiness for newcomer families

Ready for School Connects (RfSC) is a school readiness program for families that are new to Canada. Two-week RfSC programs are held in different downtown schools from May until August. Come and learn about the Canadian education system and how you can help your children get ready for school!


  • Training and start up support for schools and community partners to deliver the Ready for School connects model
  • Two-week school readiness programs for both newcomer parents and children
  • Healthy Child Screening assessments for children prior to starting school to identify any concerns i.e. hearing, vision, speech & language
  • Follow-up once the children have started school

For more information or to find a Ready for School Connects location near you, please call 416-588-3755 x555 or visit the Ready for School Connects website at www.rfsc.ca